Saturday, June 18, 2011

Starbucks Puppuccino

The Husband needed a break this morning, so I volunteered to take The Child to Starbucks with me to get the morning coffee.

As we were preparing to get in the car, The Child exclaimed, "We have to take Maggie with us!  She can have another Puppuccino!"

I eagerly agreed, as Maggie loves to go on outings, and now that she's not competing, she usually stays home while I take the boys somewhere.  And heck, now that Rip is in the house, the old lady earns every treat she can get.

Maggie's spot next to the boy in the back seat.
She's really much happier to ride in car than she looks in this picture.

We discovered the Puppuccino one day when Maggie was on errands with us.  As is her tradition when the car stops for a while, she puts her feet on the console between the two front seats.  The folks in the Starbucks drive-thru saw her and asked if she wanted a treat.  Yes indeed she did.

What self-respecting Cardi wouldn't want one of these?
Yes, a Puppuccino is a very small cup filled with whipped cream.


It does take a little work to get ALL of the cream out.
But Maggie is up to the task.

Needless to say, Maggie enjoyed her Puppuccino.  She then enjoyed licking a dab of whipped cream off of The Child's shorts.  She did such a good job that it looked like The Child had spilled water on his shorts.  Which we all thought was very funny.


  1. I think I might want a puppucino :-)

    Been having no luck leaving comments to your blog, hope this one takes!

  2. Taryn - It worked! I wonder why it's having trouble...?

  3. We have been offered dog biscuits at Starbuks but never puppucinos! Yum!

  4. Janet - You'll have to ask for a puppuccino next time. I'm wondering if it's just an Iowa Starbucks thing...?

  5. That is so cool! Rufus loves riding in the car too, but he hates certain drive-thrus. Not sure what it is but I suspect if the people look like they are leaning out toward the car it drives him nuts! His current spots of terror include Wendy's and Little Caesars.

    Our local ice cream place has free dog sundaes. Nick and Rufus think that is pretty awesome.

  6. I love this! I will FOR SURE ask our Starbuck's about puppucinos next time. Yum!

    Also, I used to call my old dog, Molly, "Puppucina." I had no idea it was a "real" word. :)

  7. I guess I'm in the minority. I would never give my dog this.

  8. Does anyone know if starbucks does this in the UK ?

    1. Hi, Holly - I have no idea -- it's worth an ask, though! Let me know if it works!

  9. Just saw Puppucinos on Pinterest and clicked thru here and saw your beautiful Cardigan!
    We have a Cardigan, too! And a Pembroke!

    1. Gracie - happy to hear from another Corgi lover. I can attest to the fact that Cardis love puppucinos -- so far I've had no refusals :)

  10. We are super crunchy granola over here, to the point of making the majority of our cavapoo's food at home, but when the local barista offered Ruby a Puppaccino (made of handmade whipped cream), I gave in. She loved it (I let her have about half of it). I wouldn't make a regular habit of it, but once in a blue moon, I think it is ok.


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