aka "The Wild One"

Rip is a 5 year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi. His registered name is C-Myste Baledwr SN Surfin' USA RN NAP NAJ

Rip was perhaps the cutest puppy ever.  

I got this one from his Gramma Carolyn Cannon
As a young puppy w/ his sister Summer

How can anyone resist a face like this?

Rip learned to roll within a few days of joining our pack
Maggie must be a good teacher!

Practicing hiding
May come in useful some day (especially if you're a naughty dog)....

Rip has a lot of energy - he was a blur even as a puppy!

But sometimes even blurs must rest...

Flat out on your back with all of your toys is good, too
I like how Rip and the toys are making a nice circle

Then Rip started to grow up.  I wanted a smart dog with drive... and I got one!  My mom says I should have named him "what was I thinking?!"

Here are some highlights of Rip as he's grown:

Rip is always up for a party
Bring it on!

Still a blur - just a bigger one!

Here's what I often see when I look down - let's go!

On a hotel stay for an obedience seminar
Rip learned to be a bed dog - and he liked it!

Rip and his brother Ziggy

Rip did a little conformation showing, but it wasn't his thing, so now we're focusing on agility and obedience.  

At his very first conformation show (and mine, too!)

At the Cardigan Corgi National Specialty 
with Gramma Carolyn showing

His "official" photo from the Sweeps class at the 

- 2014 -Rip has started his performance career of right - he's earned his Rally Novice title with 3 first place ribbons and only one point lost!
- 2015 - Rip now has Novice Preferred agility titles in Jumpers and Standard.
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