Monday, September 21, 2015

Ziggy the Cardigan IVDD: Clinical Trial Update

It's been a few months since I've provided a Ziggy update, so here it goes.  Ziggy continues in The Clinical Trial for Paralyzed dogs.  He has been to ISU for his second and third visits, and is scheduled for his fourth and final visit in late November.

We still don't know if he received the placebo or the treatment (we'll find out on his last visit), so we're now just guessing.  The Husband believes strongly that we're seeing more movement in Ziggy's tail and hind legs.  I am still playing the role of skeptic, but even I must admit that there seems to be something going on.  He is flagging and raising his tail more than usual, and he seems much more intentional with his hind legs.  I haven't seen a paw dragging in a long time.

We got some video footage of Ziggy moving last week, so you can see how things are going.  He's going at a slow pace, which is where we used to see the most foot dragging.   The Small Human served as videographer so it's not the most steady video you'll ever see and there's a little added "music", but here's the Z:

Ziggy continues to be happy and healthy -- he's still barking (lots, and at inconvenient times),  doing therapy dog visits to the hospital with The Husband, and he's gone months without a UTI (touch wood) -- so things are good with Z.

Here's one of my favorite Ziggy pictures from this summer:

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