aka "The Slacker" or "The Cart Dog" or "The Polite One"

Ziggy is a 8 year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  His registered name is Xtacee Tag You're It.  He's earned some performance titles in Obedience and Rally, so his "full" name is Xtacee Tag You're It CGC BN RA.

Ziggy is sweet, loving, and unfailingly polite.  He's the easiest-to-manage dog we've got, and has the most expressive face of any dog I've had.  This makes it easy to read what he's thinking.

In December 2011 Ziggy ruptured a disc in his back, resulting in his inability to use his hind legs.  He had prompt surgery and has been in rehab ever since.  He's still not walking, but can now wag his tail, move his hind legs actively, and gets along well in his cart.

Ziggy became a therapy dog with Therapy Dogs Inc. in 2014.  He and The Husband like to visit local hospitals to share some Cart Dog loving.

Here's Ziggy in the yard in his sling.  
We used to take him out in the  yard this way - before he got his cart.

Ziggy's handsome, too - with remarkable ears and
a lovely and uncommon black-brindle color

Ziggy came to us at 16 weeks old
He was all ears and paws

I mentioned that Ziggy is easy-going and polite
He gets along well with our other dogs
Here he is on the sofa with Rip

Here he is with Maggie.
Apparently he makes a good pillow.

Ziggy loves Crayons!
This means we help Crayola's bottom line
and get to clean up colorful things in the yard...

Ziggy loves furniture
Deck furniture in the summer is the best --
it's comfortable and provides a great view of the yard

Ziggy was a fantastic Obedience and Rally dog when he was "on."
Here are his ribbons from a win at Rally Novice - score of 99!

Ziggy had a lovely heel position when he decided he wanted to work.
I love the smiley, heads-up, tails-up look he's got here!

Ziggy was also a great dog for Brace Obedience
I think he liked it more than regular classes....

Ziggy's greatest joy is kids
He loves to have kids snuggle and pet him
I've seen him happy as happy can be surrounded by 6 kids...
This is his friend from soccer matches

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