Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wagmore Daily: Ziggy Goes Forth

Ziggy continues to enjoy Wagmore.  Last night we went for a family walk through the trees we planted this winter (I'm trying to figure out a drip irrigation plan for them), and all humans + dogs joined.

Here are some pictures showing Ziggy's happiness.

Into the field.

Stop to gaze.

Stop to sniff.


Sniff deeply.



Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wagmore Daily: Uncle Denzil Spends the Day!

My parents had to go out of town for the day and didn't want to leave their boy home alone, so we had a special guest - Denzil!  Those who've been following the blog since its inception will remember that Denzil was an original member of the Trio of Trouble (along with Maggie and Ziggy).  You can learn more about Denzil on his page.

The Humans and Ziggy love to have Denzil around.  Blossom the c*t spent the day upstairs (that's where the food, cat tree, and litter are, so don't feel bad for her).  I wasn't sure how Rip would do - but he was very accommodating.

Here's how the day went:

We started the day with coffee on the porch.  
Denzil hung out with me.

Then Denz joined the boys in some wandering and sniffing.

When we came inside, Ziggy & Rip thought some bitey play was in order.
Denzil sat in front of me, keeping a close eye on things.

Then Denz remembered he was the Party Police.

So he moved in to break things up.
I love Rip's expression here - very contrite.
He had this expression each time Denz reprimanded him.
Good boy.

The Party Policeman succeeded in his goal.

And later in the afternoon, Zzzz all around:

Another great day at Wagmore.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wagmore Daily: Settling in to Country Life

A nice morning at Wagmore, then rain in the afternoon (which the baby trees needed!).

The canines are enjoying walks in the country.

Wheel corgis get to go off leash!

While naughty corgis get the flexi.

Oh, and the cats are enjoying being cats - just in a new house.

Like co-opting the new dog bed.  No dogs allowed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wagmore Daily: Rip Tastes Freedom

Yesterday Rip had an exciting day in the country.  Too exciting for our liking.

It all began here:

You may remember this picture from a couple days ago.  
Rip gazing out down the drive.

Combine this with Rip's LOVE of sniffing.  
And the fact that our neighbors have chickens, turkeys, sheep, and cows….

And what do you get?  

A missing dog!

Yes, Rip escaped under the gates yesterday.  He found a low spot near the drive, and shoved his way under the gates.  Thankfully we were outside, and noticed quickly that the only dog in the yard was Ziggy.  Then I noticed the neighbor's cows running around their pasture bucking.  I have no proof that this was Rip, as it would take some squeezing to get into the field with the cows, but the crazy cow frolicking punctuated to us that Rip was indeed missing.

So we walked around using the dog whistle and calling Rip.

The Husband was panicked.  The Small Human was VERY UPSET (who knew he liked Rip so much).  I was hoping that Rip wasn't getting himself into something he couldn't get out of.

After about 20 minutes that seemed like 3 hours, we finally found Rip.  The Small Human and I drove around our area, calling his name and blowing the dog whistle.  On the way back down a dead-end road, about 500 yards from our house, we saw him.  He was gleefully trotting along the road, peeing on mailboxes and recycling bins.

Thank doG we found our boy.

After his great escape, Rip was only taken out on a flexi.  The rest of the time he spent inside, by our front door, barking and pawing at the side light.  Freedom was calling and we were in the way!

So today The Husband Rip-proofed the gate area.  It doesn't look fantastic, but it works.  And let me assure you that Rip has put it to the test. :)

Stakes and chicken wire to fill in the swale under the gate.

Chicken wire all the way up the fence on the side of the gate.

Mesh hanging down on the other gate 
to cover up a very small (but perhaps corg-possible) gap.

And the finished  product.

Sorry, Rip.  Wait, no, I'm not really sorry.  Too bad, Rip.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wagmore Summer days 1-3: Happy dogs!

To say that the Cardi boys like it here at Wagmore is an understatement.  Ziggy in particular seems a much happier dog here than he is Iowa.  He seems to have more energy.  He's playing more, he's more active, and as a result he's lost some weight.

The C*ts love it here, too.  More places to explore, more projects to hamper.

Here are some happy pack pictures.

Gloria finds the afternoon sun

Blossom "helps" to build The Small Human's new bed

 A yard with no plantings is great for frapping!

Basking in the sun is nice, too

Then a corgi needs to come in and rest using a human pillow

Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer at Wagmore!

I realize that I haven't posted anything to the blog for a while.  We've been busy, but I was feeling a little less than inspired, resulting in a dearth of blog posts.

Inspiration has returned, though, as The Pack has decamped to Wagmore for the summer!

The Small Human, The Husband, and all the pets traveled out early this week (I'll post more about that when I get some good pics from The Husband).  Meanwhile I worked in my company office.  Later tonight, I head west to join the rest of The Pack.

I'm so looking forward to spending some quality time at Wagmore. We're making this work by me taking some vacation time, working remotely for a few weeks, and traveling back to my company office a couple times.

Our big projects for the summer include installing an irrigation system for the trees we planted this winter, and replacing the fence on the west side of our property.  There's a lot of other work to do as well, and we'll certainly be taking some time to enjoy Wagmore.

My goal is to post something every day.  Not long posts, just daily updates & pics. So until tomorrow, here's Rip guarding his domain.

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