Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wagmore Daily: Rip Tastes Freedom

Yesterday Rip had an exciting day in the country.  Too exciting for our liking.

It all began here:

You may remember this picture from a couple days ago.  
Rip gazing out down the drive.

Combine this with Rip's LOVE of sniffing.  
And the fact that our neighbors have chickens, turkeys, sheep, and cows….

And what do you get?  

A missing dog!

Yes, Rip escaped under the gates yesterday.  He found a low spot near the drive, and shoved his way under the gates.  Thankfully we were outside, and noticed quickly that the only dog in the yard was Ziggy.  Then I noticed the neighbor's cows running around their pasture bucking.  I have no proof that this was Rip, as it would take some squeezing to get into the field with the cows, but the crazy cow frolicking punctuated to us that Rip was indeed missing.

So we walked around using the dog whistle and calling Rip.

The Husband was panicked.  The Small Human was VERY UPSET (who knew he liked Rip so much).  I was hoping that Rip wasn't getting himself into something he couldn't get out of.

After about 20 minutes that seemed like 3 hours, we finally found Rip.  The Small Human and I drove around our area, calling his name and blowing the dog whistle.  On the way back down a dead-end road, about 500 yards from our house, we saw him.  He was gleefully trotting along the road, peeing on mailboxes and recycling bins.

Thank doG we found our boy.

After his great escape, Rip was only taken out on a flexi.  The rest of the time he spent inside, by our front door, barking and pawing at the side light.  Freedom was calling and we were in the way!

So today The Husband Rip-proofed the gate area.  It doesn't look fantastic, but it works.  And let me assure you that Rip has put it to the test. :)

Stakes and chicken wire to fill in the swale under the gate.

Chicken wire all the way up the fence on the side of the gate.

Mesh hanging down on the other gate 
to cover up a very small (but perhaps corg-possible) gap.

And the finished  product.

Sorry, Rip.  Wait, no, I'm not really sorry.  Too bad, Rip.


  1. Haha. Welcome to country life with Cardigans. We have the same thing all around our property. If we forget to close the front gate for even a minute, Summer goes out walkabout. Must be genetic or something. Baddog Rip scaring your people like that.

  2. Tell Rip that Hannah's walkabout wasn't so fun....probably won't discourage him....

  3. Ooooh, Baddog! We chicken-wired the lower two feet of our chain link AND built an interior yard. Dogs only get into the back 40 when I am out with them. How clever they are.

  4. That had to be scary! So glad there was a happy ending to the story. And isn't it typical of a smart dog to head right back to his place of escape and try again.

  5. We've trained ours to stay on our place. For the first 6 months of their lives they are out with us on a 10 foot long line. They do learn the boundaries. With that said, we also have a inner dog yard and kennel area that they can go out in without supervision. The rest of the time the pack stays with us. Good luck on your place!


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