Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Goodbye, Denzil.

C-Myste N'Corigible CGC CD RE NA NAP
May 26, 2002 - July 15, 2014

Today was a very sad day, as those who loved Denzil the most had to say our final goodbyes.

Denzil was the most joyful, joy-giving dog we've ever known.

He gave The Husband and I the joy of raising our first puppy.  

He gave me the joy of handling a dog who loved to bark with enthusiasm in the rally ring and frap instead of work during brace obedience.

He gave The Small Human the joy of canine friendship, and empathetic howling whenever The Small Human would cry.

And for the last 4+ years of his life, he lived with, loved, and spread joy to my parents and grandparents.

We'll miss you, Denz.

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