The C*ts

Our pack is not a "dogs-only" pack - we have 2 resident felines as well.

This is Blossom.

Blossom is a very sweet cat - who likes to snuggle but dislikes being picked up. 

After 2 weeks of refusing to enter the part of the house where the dogs were, Blossom now seems to be on a mission to win the dogs over.  She snuggles with the dogs whenever she can, and has a mutual love affair with Ziggy.

Blossom is less than a year old, and joined our household in Autumn 2013 after the loss of our 19 year-old cat, Duncan. We surely miss our old man cat, but enjoy having a new furry companion.

This is Summer.

Summer joined our pack in December 2014.  We got Summer as an older kitten from the local Humane Society.

Summer is very sweet and thinks the dogs are OK.  We're happy to have her as part of furry family.

Our Former Feline Family Members:

Gloria - 2003 - 2014
A lovely, sweet cat.  Her temperament turned the Small Human into a cat lover for life.

Duncan - 1994- 2013
A deaf, snuggly cat with LOUD meow!

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