Friday, September 28, 2012

What to do with nearly 15 acres?

The House at Wagmore
The home itself is complete (though furniture-less) now.
But there's still so much to do.

On our last trip to Wagmore I had the luxury not to work (much) while I was there.  I got to spend time with family and hang out at the property.  Part of my hanging out involved the seemingly never-ending quest to keep the blackberry bushes and scrub trees at bay.  But part of the hanging out was just spending time there and thinking about the possibilities of the place.

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to have acreage of my own.  Space to have horses, critters, and peace with nature.  Now we have nearly 15 acres, and the task is planning what to do with it.

As I spent time out at the property, the projects began to reveal themselves.  Here's the list we have so far (not in prioritized order):

  • Interior decoration (e.g., curtains, rugs)
  • Outdoor living space
  • Lawn
  • Landscaping
  • Property planning (where will everything go - like the orchard, garden & barn)
  • Start orchard
  • Outbuilding planning and development
  • Increase forested area
  • Perimeter fencing w/ (Cardi-proof) field fence
  • Water filtration system
  • Purchase farm equipment (tractor, truck)
  • Pasture improvement/weed control
  • Farm sign 

Such a great list of things to do to create our dream property!  Now which one to tackle first...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My life in blogs

I have been a lackadaisical blogger lately.  I started this blog as a crazy dog blog, but lately life has taken over, and I've had less time to be a crazy dog person.  I knew I reached an interesting point when I started to think about the blogs I'm reading most now...

What I can relate to:

Through a fellow Cardi-blogger's blog,  I came across a blog called "The Everywhereist."  The blog writer writes about the "joys" of travel.   I was captivated.  I could SO relate.  I wasted a frightening amount of time on this blog last weekend.

Her air travel posts are particularly wonderful --  I've thought many of the same things she writes about - but she writes them in her blog in a humorous way.  I just grumble (or laugh) to myself.

The blog:

The air travel posts:

My favorite so far is the 10 commandments of air travel.  They are very true, and if you fly at all you must read this before boarding the plane.  If everyone read this and followed it, the world on a plane would be a much happier place!

So read it (please):

What I can't relate to:

Well, I can't really relate to blogs that I probably "should" be able to relate to, given that I have a dog to show and all.

Like this one on being a newbie to conformation showing:

Or, some of the blogs in my blog-roll that relate to competing in dog sports.

What is happening to me, and...

What should I write about?

Right now it leaves me trying to figure out what to focus on in my blog.

Some things I'm thinking
  • The project that is Wagmore Farm
  • Ziggy's recovery (because I am determined to post about this until the laziest of all Cardigans actually walks!)
  • Rip and whatever he'll be doing in the near future
With a side of:
  • Maggie as an old lady
  • Work travel 
  • Who knows what else
Until next time, here's one of my favorite recent photos of Rip.  Favorite because it captures Rip's personality really well.  He wants to work, I want to watch TV.  Guess who won?

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