aka "The Enthusiast"

May 26, 2002 - July 15, 2014

Denzil's "official" name was C-Myste Baledwr N'Corigible CGC CD RE NA NAP.  When Denzil was younger he earned titles in Obedience, Rally, and Agility.

Denzil was enthusiastic in everything he did, and loved, loved, LOVED to "work."  Denzil's appealing expression and loving nature drew people into his world.

Denzil was my second Cardigan Welsh Corgi, who lived out his final 4 years loved deeply by my parents.  We LOVED having Denzil with us, but his body was telling us he needed to live a quieter life in a place without so much snow, so he moved to Washington State where the rain didn't slow him down a bit.

Denzil - a handsome guy at 10 years old!

Notice the keen expression and the "ruff" up on his neck.
To say this dog loved agility is an understatement.

OK, he may be heeling wide, 
but you can't fault the attitude!

One of my favorite pictures ever.
Denzil was a sweet dog, and a shameless little snuggler.

The trouble with short legs in Iowa....

Denzil learned early that sitting pretty gets attention and performed that little trick a lot!

Life as an only dog is pretty good -
nobody will steal your toys or treats!

A happy old man watching over "his" pasture.

We miss you, Denzil.
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