Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here's what happens when you wear a puppy out

Today was The Child's first soccer game.  After a morning of playing with his brother Ziggy,  Rip joined us for the game.  He was wonderful -- not at all concerned with all the people, the noise, etc.  

When we got home, we all went outside to enjoy the day.  All except Rip, that is.  Here's what I found when I came in to see where he was:

Oh, the hearth is so cool.  
Who needs an ex-pen.  I'll just rest here for a minute.

The view from another angle.
No recognition from Rip that I was even around...

I went back outside and came back ~45 minutes later:

After another 45 minutes:

After about 2 hours he ended up flopped on the floor.  He's now outside lounging with his brother & sister.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prairie Dogs

Maggie and Ziggy were a bit jealous that all of my posts lately have been about the puppy.  Never fear - they are both still happy & healthy.  Here's one of their recent adventures..

We like to go for walks on the "prairie"

It's especially nice when we come across good smells.
"Mmm, something smells good in there.  
A critter, I think!"

"Ziggy, do you smell it, too?"

Enough sniffing.  I'm going in.

I'm coming, too!

Deeper into the tall grass.  Almost there!

No, wait!  I need to go further.

Yes, Let's go WAY in!

Hey, why is she pulling on our Flexi's NOW?!?

Oh well, there's always next time.  
Off we go again.  

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ear taping in style!

After all of your replies to my ear taping post, I resigned myself to the fact that upright ears might be a bit of a journey for Rip.  We're working on duct tape only, as this seems to be the only thing that will stay on the wild man's ears.

Just because it's duct tape doesn't mean we can't have fun with it, though:

Party puppy!

A trip to Michael's was eye opening - duct tape now comes in fashion colors!  I opted for tie-dye with Rip, as it seems to suit his party personality.  He's already been on his first outing with the ears, and the fashionable tape drew quite a few smiles.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rip's second week in review

It's been another busy week for Rip.  He's been on 3 "outings" to work on socialization.

Monday we went to a local dog center for training night with my dog club.  He got to meet about a dozen loving dog people, and about 1/2 dozen dogs.  His favorite was Chance, the sweetest German Shepherd ever.  It was amusing to watch a determined Cardi puppy playing with a giant German Shepherd.  He also got to experience the noise and movement that happens when folks are training in obedience & agility.

Thursday we went to The Child's preschool.  He got to meet about 8 preschoolers, and see the sights & sounds of a busy daycare/preschool.  He got LOTS of treats & pets from the kids.  They were all very gentle with Rip.  Rip seemed to really like the visit.  The only thing that elicited a bark or a look of concern was that other black puppy (aka his reflection) that he saw in the glass doors.  Alert!  Alert!  Oh wait, where did it go?

Treats and pets - what could be better?

Saturday it was youth soccer pictures and orientation.  He did very well with the running kids, the balls being kicked around, and meeting MANY MANY new people.  He also met a 12 week old pitbull puppy.  Rip tried in vain to get her to play.  Barking, biting, play bows, rolling.  Nothing worked.  Oh well, a good try!

All of this activity wears out a little puppy.

One sleepy puppy and his canine nanny (Maggie).

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ears - aargh!

I have never had to tape Cardi ears. Maggie came to me at 7 months old - ears up and pretty. Denzil came to us at ~10 weeks with ears already up (he always was an over-achiever). Ziggy joined us at 16 weeks with enormous upright ears.

Rip joined us with lovely beagle-like ears. His brothers and sisters got tape before they went to their new homes, but since Rip was riding in a plane carrier, we didn't tape his ears. Megan showed me how; Carolyn gave me a lovely handout. How hard can it be?

Taped ears!

Not for long...

If I just scratch some more....

hmm... that doesn't look good.

Round one to Rip.

I tried a few more times.  A better job with the painter's tape.  Round two to Rip.  Painter's tape with Duct tape over it.  Round 3 to Rip.  Does he just have super-slick ears?  More likely just rookie mistakes.  I finally had success with masking tape w/ duct tape over it.  

Day two of taped ears - Happy even with tape!

Then the right ear started to flop - even in the tape.  So I took it off.  Here's where we are now:

One ear at 3/4 up.  One ear still needs work.

My question is where to go next?  Re-tape?  If so, should I use moleskin inside the ear to help it from not flopping over even in the tape?  Or do I just see if they come up on their own? 

Given my taping skills, maybe next time I should get a spaniel...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rip's first week - the Prezi version

I'm part of a small group of folks at my company helping IT decide if we should add a new presentation software.

It's called Prezi and it seems pretty cool. It should be even better once I really learn how to use it! Anyway, we've been asked to prepare 3 presentations before the end of August. The challenge is that we're using the free version of the software, so all of the presentations will be viewable by the public. This means I can't really use work content.

I'm adaptable, though, so I've made a presentation summary of Rip's first week with us. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maggie weighs in on Rip

Maggie has asked me to let you know what she thinks of Rip so far.

Maggie says:

I cannot believe they have brought me yet ANOTHER puppy to train.  Wasn't 2 enough?

So far, I've had to reprimand him dozens of times.  What kind of puppy thinks he can come into my home and try to sniff my rawhide?  While I'm chewing it?!?  Oh, and jumping on my back is not acceptable either.  And I don't want that puppy to have too much fun playing when I'm around.  I have to step in and stop the madness.  They don't call me the Party Police for nothing.  In fact, sometimes I have to reprimand that puppy just for looking at me.

On the positive side, another puppy provides me the opportunity to create another 'mini-me.'

Look, it's working already:

First, you find and sniff the stink.  
It can be anywhere - always be on the lookout!

Then you roll in it with carefree abandon.

Look how my mentoring is working!

Good display of carefree abandon.

That's right, really rub your body in it.

Very good.  Flip over to make sure you get stink everywhere!

I'm sure I'll soon have this puppy's manners in line.  Dogs everywhere will thank me for it, trust me.


Monday, August 9, 2010

The puppy has a name!

I haven't been very clever naming my dogs.  I named Maggie and Denzil before I knew that dog people like to relate the dog's call name in some way to its registered name.  An example is a dog who's registered name is "Desperate Housedog" has the call name Bree.  With Ziggy, I knew the naming principle, but my then-toddler loved the name Ziggy, so it stuck.

With new puppy I wanted to be more clever.  His registered name (the litter theme was the Beach Boys) was chosen as C-Myste Baledwr SN Surfin' USA.  I spent quite a lot of time on a a couple of surfing dictionary websites:  and looking for names.  We found a few finalists, but Rip is the one that stuck.  To rip is to surf to the best of your ability - to surf really well.  It's also a type of turbulent current.

I think the name Rip sets some expectations for the his future agility running times!  So far, it describes what he does when he comes in contact with paper products.  Rip also lends itself to good nicknames.  I like Rip-a-roooo.  The Husband is currently calling him Rip van Tinkle thanks to a few accidents he's had on the carpet (it took us a while to learn that a small corgi can fit through the "cat gaps" in baby gates).

Here's a picture of Rip meeting our 16-year-old deaf cat.

I don't understand....
why doesn't this creature respond to my incessant barking?
He just stands there and stares at me.
Some cats are just no fun.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


The Family and I returned home from Washington State yesterday afternoon.  I'm not really sure if my time away from work was really a "vacation."  Here are the highlights:

High School Reunion:
It's been - well, let's just say more than a few - years since I graduated from High School.  I finally went to one of the reunions.  Lots of fun.  Maybe a few too many glasses of cheap (but not inexpensive) red wine.  Then a family picnic.  Good to see my best friends.  Fun to try and guess who people were...

House Hunting:
The Husband and I intend to move to Southwest Washington at some point. House prices and interest rates are low, so we're on the hunt for a home with some acreage that we can rent out, and eventually move into.    We spent 2 days with a realtor while we were there, and found a few places that look promising (if the price is right).

Visiting Family:
Spent lots of time with my niece and nephew.  Also got to celebrate my Grandma's 88th birthday with her!

New Addition:
On the last day of my "vacation," when I was supposed to be relaxing, I decided to check my email.  In it was a note from Carolyn wondering if I was interested in a puppy who was in need of a home.  The puppy met my criteria:  well-built, good temperament, performance potential, from good breeders.  Oh, and did I mention that he was only 60 miles away from my parents house?

After mulling it over, discussing with the husband, calling United to make sure a puppy could be in the cabin with us, I was off to Starry Nights Stables in Newberg (via PetSmart for a crate, toys, water bowl, leash, collar & piddle pads).

So here's our newest:

The puppy formerly known as Nate.  Or Brodie.

His registered name will be:  C-Myste Baledwr SN Surfin' USA.

We're still working through a few surfing-related call names.

You can expect lots of upcoming puppy posts.

In the meantime, here's what happens when you wear a puppy out:

That trip to Starbucks was tiring!

The view from above

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Denzil Update

The Family and I are on  vacation visiting my parents in Washington State.  Of course, it's great to see my human family.  It's also great to see Denzil.

Denz seems to have settled in very well.  He seems happy and healthy, and is enjoying all the attention that comes with being an only dog.  Here's some photographic proof:

Denzil's always been a good lap dog. 
Here he is enjoying some scritches from me.

He's also developed a love affair with my 9 year old niece.  She's a dog person who loves that Denzil is so friendly and willing to enage with her.  She recently told my mom, "I LOVE Denzil."

Denz doing some heads-up heeling w/ my niece.

Then off for a walk down the road.  A happy pair.
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