Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maggie weighs in on Rip

Maggie has asked me to let you know what she thinks of Rip so far.

Maggie says:

I cannot believe they have brought me yet ANOTHER puppy to train.  Wasn't 2 enough?

So far, I've had to reprimand him dozens of times.  What kind of puppy thinks he can come into my home and try to sniff my rawhide?  While I'm chewing it?!?  Oh, and jumping on my back is not acceptable either.  And I don't want that puppy to have too much fun playing when I'm around.  I have to step in and stop the madness.  They don't call me the Party Police for nothing.  In fact, sometimes I have to reprimand that puppy just for looking at me.

On the positive side, another puppy provides me the opportunity to create another 'mini-me.'

Look, it's working already:

First, you find and sniff the stink.  
It can be anywhere - always be on the lookout!

Then you roll in it with carefree abandon.

Look how my mentoring is working!

Good display of carefree abandon.

That's right, really rub your body in it.

Very good.  Flip over to make sure you get stink everywhere!

I'm sure I'll soon have this puppy's manners in line.  Dogs everywhere will thank me for it, trust me.



  1. Oh Maggie, it sounds like Rip is very lucky to have you to mentor him in all these important doggie skills.

  2. You're certainly lucky to have Maggie's tutelage -- especially for the rolling in stink part.

  3. You have amazing restraint and dedication to your blog to take pictures of the stink roll rather than stop it. But then again you are probably hypnotized by the cute puppy.

  4. So cute! Smelly dogs and all! Savor this time, pups grow up so quickly!


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