Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prairie Dogs

Maggie and Ziggy were a bit jealous that all of my posts lately have been about the puppy.  Never fear - they are both still happy & healthy.  Here's one of their recent adventures..

We like to go for walks on the "prairie"

It's especially nice when we come across good smells.
"Mmm, something smells good in there.  
A critter, I think!"

"Ziggy, do you smell it, too?"

Enough sniffing.  I'm going in.

I'm coming, too!

Deeper into the tall grass.  Almost there!

No, wait!  I need to go further.

Yes, Let's go WAY in!

Hey, why is she pulling on our Flexi's NOW?!?

Oh well, there's always next time.  
Off we go again.  


  1. Love all the Queen Anne's Lace flowers! We have lots of those, too.

  2. When we walk on our path around the farm, the boys like to dive into the alfalfa or the weeds. They disappear toooo quickly. They sure enjoy it, though.


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