Monday, August 9, 2010

The puppy has a name!

I haven't been very clever naming my dogs.  I named Maggie and Denzil before I knew that dog people like to relate the dog's call name in some way to its registered name.  An example is a dog who's registered name is "Desperate Housedog" has the call name Bree.  With Ziggy, I knew the naming principle, but my then-toddler loved the name Ziggy, so it stuck.

With new puppy I wanted to be more clever.  His registered name (the litter theme was the Beach Boys) was chosen as C-Myste Baledwr SN Surfin' USA.  I spent quite a lot of time on a a couple of surfing dictionary websites:  and looking for names.  We found a few finalists, but Rip is the one that stuck.  To rip is to surf to the best of your ability - to surf really well.  It's also a type of turbulent current.

I think the name Rip sets some expectations for the his future agility running times!  So far, it describes what he does when he comes in contact with paper products.  Rip also lends itself to good nicknames.  I like Rip-a-roooo.  The Husband is currently calling him Rip van Tinkle thanks to a few accidents he's had on the carpet (it took us a while to learn that a small corgi can fit through the "cat gaps" in baby gates).

Here's a picture of Rip meeting our 16-year-old deaf cat.

I don't understand....
why doesn't this creature respond to my incessant barking?
He just stands there and stares at me.
Some cats are just no fun.


  1. Congratulations! You changed the blog name too soon.

    I think I will have to call him "The Ripster."

  2. The Rip-Man. Rip-a-rooni. Rip-a-doodle. Yep--I like it!!

  3. i totally missed that you were even getting a puppy!

    Love the name Rip. I knew a very cool border collie named Ripken, always thought it was a great name.

  4. See -- PERFECT. He's so very cute!

  5. Janet & Amanda are right - I did change my blog name too soon, and the reason this all seems a bit out of the blue is that I was planning to get a puppy in the next year or so, but then Carolyn contacted me with and offer I couldn't refuse... So here I am - back to 3 again!

  6. Rip is a perfect name and he is just way too cute.


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