Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here's what happens when you wear a puppy out

Today was The Child's first soccer game.  After a morning of playing with his brother Ziggy,  Rip joined us for the game.  He was wonderful -- not at all concerned with all the people, the noise, etc.  

When we got home, we all went outside to enjoy the day.  All except Rip, that is.  Here's what I found when I came in to see where he was:

Oh, the hearth is so cool.  
Who needs an ex-pen.  I'll just rest here for a minute.

The view from another angle.
No recognition from Rip that I was even around...

I went back outside and came back ~45 minutes later:

After another 45 minutes:

After about 2 hours he ended up flopped on the floor.  He's now outside lounging with his brother & sister.


  1. Kady is taking an afternoon nap as well. She puts herself in her crate for it.

    Hard to believe. I'll have to get pictures.

  2. Pasta-puppy. Keeping up with the family is such hard work.

  3. Too cute. I'm loving your Rip.

  4. More proof that a tired pup is a good pup! You didn't even have to worry about him being free of his X-pen. What a cutie!


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