Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today I Cared

Today was our local United Way's Day of Caring.  My department/division at work encourages us to volunteer for the day, and we don't even have to take a vacation day!

I chose to volunteer at a local women's health clinic, making baby blankets that are given to expectant mothers when they're close to giving birth.  I spent the day cutting blankets out of fleece.  My fellow cutter was a horse person, so we had fun conversations about horses and dogs.

I also had a moment of inspiration, and asked if I could take home the long, skinny pieces of fleece that were left over when we cut out the blankets.  They were going in the trash, but I had a better idea...

Dog toys!

Here's what I've made so far:

2 "jellyfish" toys (the two on the left):
they have extra long handles on them so they can be drug around for dogs to chase

2 braids - one thin, one thick.  Good for chewing and tugging.

Why make so many dog toys?

Because Ziggy likes to stop playing a lot sooner than Rip does.
I hope this prevents the destruction of other small, cloth items by one little puppy.

I still have a LOT of fabric left - hopefully it will last me through puppy-hood.  I also think it's appropriate that the fabric is all baby-themed - though Rip doesn't seem to care.  

1 comment:

  1. Look at those itty bitty baby puppy pads on those feet! I want to rub them....

    And then my verification word was trama - and I thought of the trauma I would induce in Rip should I indulge in my puppy foot rubbing. Duly noted, word verification.


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