Monday, September 13, 2010

Ears - things are looking up

Finally, some progress on the ears!

Here's what I had when I untaped them on Saturday:

And another shot of Rip's ears-up cuteness:

The left ear looks great - it stands up really well.  Unfortunately, the right ear sometimes flopped and folded back weirdly, so he's back in the tape.

A boxer (dog breeder) friend of mine says she sometimes uses breathe-right strips to keep ears from folding.  I bought a box, and am thinking of giving it a go next time I have to re-tape.  Have any of you every tried it?  


  1. I have not used the Breathe-Rite strips, but our local vet that breeds Cardis uses them all the time. She even uses them for clients of other breeds (example: Belgian Sheepdog). Good luck.

  2. Rip is sooooooo cute. I love the pix with the blanket in his mouth. It looks like you are almost there with the ears. Good luck; it is worth it!

  3. cute, cute and more cute! I have used moleskin, but not Breathe-Rite strips... Would be curious to see pictures if you DO use them tho... :) squeeze the cuteness for me!


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