Monday, September 27, 2010

Maggie says that maybe puppies aren't so bad

Here's what I found a couple of weeks ago when I was a bit delayed following the corgis down the hall for bedtime.  Rip decided not to go into his crate.  He thought he'd snuggle with his dog-nanny, Maggie, instead.

Maggie seemed just fine with the situation.

Things went back to normal for a couple of weeks (normal defined as Maggie's only interaction with Rip being that of reprimanding him).  Then this morning, as the Ziggy & Rip were wrestling, Maggie decided to join in.  Needless to say Rip was a bit taken aback - he thought all the barking meant that he was in trouble.  The play didn't go much further.

It happened again after dog dinnertime this evening.  The boys were wrestling, and Maggie was nearby barking her encouragement.  Then she darted in for a bit of play herself.  It soon turned into a full-blown corgi frap-a-thon with 3 corgis running up and down the hall, barking.  It was a fun (albeit very noisy) sight to behold!


  1. Maggie was just waiting to be sure Rip was really staying before she wanted to involve herself in play :-)


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