Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rip's Pupdate - 16 weeks old

I can't believe Rip was 16 weeks old last week!

Some highlights from the week:


The Husband and Rip had week 2 of puppy class.  I asked if Rip was the star (this IS what I expect, after all).  Apparently that's not the case.  I'm blaming it on the handler.

I continue to work with Rip on obedience and foundations for agility.  We also started on the beginnings of clicker training this week (click = treat).  He continues to be a clever little dog.


Unfortunately, Rip's ears have flopped again.  Sigh.  They had ~10 days of upright loveliness, then, suddenly, we're back to horizontal ears.  Today I resigned myself to another round of taping, and put the ears back in tape.  I'm using duct tape on each ear - reinforced with breathe-right strips.  No crown at the moment.


From yesterday....

Here's what happens when a puppy has 2 walks, some training, a soccer game, and frapping time in one day.

He just couldn't go any further...


  1. Teething. Sometimes ears will flop again during teething which starts in earnest at about 4 months. Poor Kady is chewing on *everything* so I know that her mouth is sore.

  2. Rip's teething, too. I noticed yesterday that he's already missing a couple of front teeth.

    I'd also love 3M to work on Bitter Apple impregnated duct tape. Ziggy seems intent on removing Rip's ear tape!

  3. He is just the cutest thing ever. Really, why train? LOL.


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