Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rip's second week in review

It's been another busy week for Rip.  He's been on 3 "outings" to work on socialization.

Monday we went to a local dog center for training night with my dog club.  He got to meet about a dozen loving dog people, and about 1/2 dozen dogs.  His favorite was Chance, the sweetest German Shepherd ever.  It was amusing to watch a determined Cardi puppy playing with a giant German Shepherd.  He also got to experience the noise and movement that happens when folks are training in obedience & agility.

Thursday we went to The Child's preschool.  He got to meet about 8 preschoolers, and see the sights & sounds of a busy daycare/preschool.  He got LOTS of treats & pets from the kids.  They were all very gentle with Rip.  Rip seemed to really like the visit.  The only thing that elicited a bark or a look of concern was that other black puppy (aka his reflection) that he saw in the glass doors.  Alert!  Alert!  Oh wait, where did it go?

Treats and pets - what could be better?

Saturday it was youth soccer pictures and orientation.  He did very well with the running kids, the balls being kicked around, and meeting MANY MANY new people.  He also met a 12 week old pitbull puppy.  Rip tried in vain to get her to play.  Barking, biting, play bows, rolling.  Nothing worked.  Oh well, a good try!

All of this activity wears out a little puppy.

One sleepy puppy and his canine nanny (Maggie).

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