Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Denzil goes to Washington!

My favorite Denzil picture

Denzil left today to go to a new home in Washington State.  He is moving in with my parents, in the hope that the slower pace of life will enable him to be more comfortable.

The decision was a very tough one for both The Husband and I.  Denzil is an absolute joy of a dog.  He’s well-trained, he’s always ready to go, he’s sweet, and he’s friendly.  Unfortunately he’s also got bad knees.

We’re able to keep him comfortable by restricting his exercise (no frapping with the other dogs, always on leash for walks, etc.), giving him supplements to help his joints, keeping him lean, and giving him a Deramaxx every other day.  The problem with this regime comes from the “no frapping with the other dogs” part.  Denzil will frap anywhere, any time.  Inside?  No problem!  Outside?  Even better!  With 2 other dogs this restriction became very difficult to manage.  Either Ziggy or Denzil had to be in a crate inside unless very closely supervised (i.e., in the same room).

We were considering finding a more relaxed, more temptation-free home for him.  We’ve been considering it for a while.  Then we went on vacation and I forgot to leave the house sitter instructions NOT to let Denzil out with the others (BAD LANI!!).  When we got back from vacation, our months of restricted exercise were undone, and Denzil was limping for weeks afterwards.  Then we started to think about the winter.  Iowa winters – with snow and ice for months – are not easy on short-legged dogs with bad knees.

So I called my parents.  They live on about 1.5 acres – all fenced.  They have a one-level home, and no other dogs.  Since they’re both retired, Denzil will get plenty of attention and regular exercise to keep him fit, busy, and happy. 

The best part (if there is a best part) of the whole arrangement is that we’ll get to see Denzil whenever we go visit my parents.  Come to think of it, that may be one of the reasons they agreed to this.  Denzil = Lani coming to visit more often = getting to see the grandson more regularly.  Hmm…

So off Denzil went today.  In a car with my dad.  Filled with everything one needs (and more, probably) to keep a Cardi happy & healthy.  I even created an “owner’s manual” to go along with Denzil.  I hope the transition goes well, and I look forward to seeing Denzil when I visit my parents in just a few weeks!

We miss him already.  The house seems quite a lot emptier without him here.


  1. It's so difficult to place a dog we love -- even when we know it's the very best thing for the dog. We forget how adaptable they are. Within just a few days he'll be completely assimilated. He'll be delighted to see you all when you go visit, but he'll soon show you that he lives happily at your parents' home.

  2. I am sad for you, and happy for you at the same time, What a perfect situation for all involved.

  3. Good luck Denzil! I am sure he will be happy and healthy when you visit him in Washington.

  4. What a hard decision for you ((hug)), but is sounds like the best decision for Denzil. 1.5 acres fenced, one-level home?! He can age in place with your parents. Perfect!

  5. While I am sure you will miss him very much, what a wonderful new home he has! Not only can you have complete confidence in his new owners, you can see him whenever you want! I think it sounds like a perfect solution.

  6. How difficult it must be, but it sounds as though this is an amazing option for Denzil, (and your parents.) :)


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