Thursday, February 23, 2012

Note from Rip: Humans are so confusing

Rip wanted me to post something for him...

In the wintertime, a mouse moves into our air conditioner outside to bed down for the winter.  This drives my brother and I crazy.  Since my brother now isn't walking, it's up to me to watch the mouse.  Here's kinda what he looks like:

Vexatious little vermin!

Well, a couple of weeks ago I caught him!  I was so excited.  I carried him around for a little while.  Then I put him down and he ran away.  I guess that means I can continue to look for him.

My dad saw me with the mouse, and was not happy that I let him go.  Something about me needing to kill mice because they cause problems.

Now, I'm a smart dog and I like to do things that make humans happy (like licking them, for example).  So I was determined not to make the same mistake again.

A couple of days later I heard mom talking about her new mouse.  Mouse!!  That caught my attention!  Perhaps I could help!  And help I did.  Let me show you:

See!  I got that mouse!  And I killed it.  I chewed up the front really well.  I was so proud.  I just knew that this would make up for letting the other mouse go.

But did it?  NO!!!

The humans were not happy.  Kill the mouse.  Don't kill the mouse.  Humans are so confusing.


  1. Great post! My guys would have swallowed that pesky old mouse (the furry one!) whole!

  2. Those silly humans. They just cant make up their minds. First its kill the mouse then dont kill the mouse, then its sit, down, sit. Jeesh dont they know what they want? Rip, next time you get the mouse just eat it, thats what I do, Mom says drop it and I know she is gonna let it go outside, so I just swallow it tail and all. Your buddy Magic in Mpls


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