Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ziggy the Cardigan Corgi IVDD: Month 6

 I realize that I haven't posted an update on Ziggy for a while, so here goes.

Ziggy's favorite bed is close to all the action.
Z is out of his crate pretty much all the time we're home now--
it makes all of us happier.

No "big" progress over the past month or so.  We feel like there continues to be progress, but it's really slow.

  • He continues to try and stand.  He often is able to push himself up on his right hind, but his left hind offers no support, so it all ends in a flop.
  • He is pushing off more with his right leg when he's in his sling and when he's just scooting around the house.
Ziggy continues to be very lazy with his physical therapy.  Food works to a point, but when the dog decides he's done and wants to sit, there's not much that can be done.

Right now, while we're out of town on vacation, Ziggy is at ISU for rehab.  As you may remember, last time he was there, the rehab therapist didn't see much progress.  This led us to wonder if anything abnormal was going on, so we took him in for an MRI.  

This time the notes from ISU are better.  The rehab therapist notices progress in his right-hind-leg's mobility and improvements in his muscle tone.  This is very encouraging for us, as I've got to admit that I haven't noticed much progress.

ISU is also putting him in his cart every day.  They've adjusted how he sits in the cart by using a rolled up hand towel by his hip.  This allows him to have both legs placed evenly on the ground.  I'm interested to see their solution in action as we have not been able to get him sitting in the cart very well.  

Apparently, Z LOVES perambulating around the vet school in his cart.  They say he's using his right hind quite a lot to propel himself along, and sometimes he uses his left hind.  We're going to have to get him in his cart more often, as it seems to be good for both his spirit and his muscle tone.

Of course, any bed near the action attracts other Cardis, too.
Here is a rare moment of peace with the pack.

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  1. I am sorry his progress has been so slow. I am still hoping/praying for his full recovery.


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