Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy 13th Birthday, Maggie (sorry I'm a little late)!

On Saturday my Best Girl, Maggie turned 13.  Even though I'm a bit late on the post, I think every birthday after 10 deserves special recognition!

Here's the Birthday Girl!
I think her grey hairs make her look wise and distnguished!

Maggie continues to be in good health and good spirits.

She still LOVES to:

  • Bark at the neighbor's cattle dog (how DARE he stick his nose through the gap in the fence!)
  • Eat vermin.  She can't catch them very well any more, but this spring she has eaten a baby squirrel she found in the yard and a chipmunk that Rip caught.  YUM!
  • "Work" - whenever I train Rip upstairs, she waits on the other side of the baby gate wagging her tail and staring intently.  I usually bring her in to do some heeling, fronts & retrieves.  She still loves to work!

But she is getting older:
  • She suddenly became "old" about six months ago.  It seems that overnight she went from a spry older lady to an old dog.  She wants her walks to be shorter, and she sleeps more.
  • She is no longer the boss of the house.  Rip has taken over this role.  She sometimes doesn't back down, though, and I get to intervene to break up a "corg-fuffle."
  • I think she might be becoming a bit deaf.  It's hard to tell, though, because she is also very much an old lady who no longer feels compelled to obey commands.  My dear girl who got scores in the mid-190's when earning her Open-level Obedience title suddenly doesn't know how to sit or come sometimes...   I'm not sure how much is hearing loss and how much is "no thanks!"
I am just happy to have such a wonderful girl in my life.  Here's to many more years, My Best Girl!


  1. Awwww! Happy B-Day, Maggie! May you have many more!

  2. Maggie is a jewel. Happy barkday -- even if it's a little late.

  3. Happy Birthday Maggie, wishing you more birthdays and blessings to come. Enjoy your day :D

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  4. I'm more than a little late, but I was thinking of you and her.

    Happy belated birthday, good ol' girl.


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