Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rip: The Host with The Most

It's the holiday season and many people are traveling, or preparing to travel.  Hospitality is of utmost importance, so I would like to share with you why Rip makes visiting our home so truly special.

 He is The Host with The Most!

Before you arrive, he will prepare your suite.

He will greet you at the door.

He will warm up a place for you to sit.

He will call you to the sofa when the movie starts.

Depending on how the night goes,
he will party with you...

...or snuggle down to keep you warm.

He's a great drinking buddy.  No drinking alone with Rip around!
(p.s.- lest you think I'm a bad dog owner, Rip did not drink this glass of wine,
but he will stick his tongue in your glass if you're not watching)

He will ensure that your socks are properly aired.

No need to bring an alarm clock!  
He will wake you up with a leap and a lick!

He will even bring you Starbucks!
Well, sort of.

Wanna read the paper after breakfast?
No problem, he's "saving" it for you.

And after you've gone, he'll clean up anything you've left out.

And THAT, my friends is why Rip is The Host with The Most!


  1. Cute post! What a well-rounded young man that Rip is!

  2. Aww! He looks as if he enjoys hosting too!

  3. Rip is sure a super host. If I didn't know better I would think it was his coloring, and maybe I have a relative of his at my house. Lots of his wonderful behaviors look real familiar.

  4. Rip's dad is my Wally, who is half-brother to Beaver's dad Huxley. Rip really looks like a blue Wally...definitely a family resemblance.

  5. a BLACK Wally. I need to work less hours.


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