Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Summary: Changes

2014 brought a number of changes to the furry family.

In July we added a new canine to the pack.  Her name is Millie and she is a year-old Border Terrier.  She has forever changed our lives - though we're still not sure whether or not this is a good thing.

In December, after the loss of our dear cat Gloria, we got a new cat - Summer.  She is lovely and snuggly and fitting right in, though the dogs call her "The Spitty One."  She is gradually warming up to the dogs, but they aren't her favorite.

Here's the Pack - less Summer.  
She's not up for group snuggling quite yet.
From left to right:  Rip, Millie, Ziggy, Blossom

Ziggy, Rip, and Blossom continue to do well.  Rip is working in agility, Ziggy is still a Therapy Dog with TDInc., and Blossom snuggles with the dogs on a daily basis.

We all had a great summer at Wagmore, and got a lot of work done on the property.  We've planted well over 200 trees, and reclaimed many of the fences from the blackberries and other bushes.

In other 2014 news, my work responsibilities expanded quite a lot - contributing to my lack of posting in the latter half of the year.  

I'll share more updates in 2015, and plan to add a title or two to the dogs' names.  Happy New Year!

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