Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Millie the Border Terrier 360 Review Part 2: The Cats Share Their Views

In the previous post, The Cardi Boys shared their views on Millie.  This is all part of Millie's personal (or is it pupsonal) development.  This time, the cats have weighed in with their opinions of Millie.

BLOSSOM'S Feedback for Millie:

Strength = Snuggling

There is no question that snuggling is Millie's strongest point.
Here we are snuggling on Mom's lap.

And here in a back to back snuggle on the bed.

We snuggle many different ways.  
Millie is a great snuggler.

Weakness = Destruction!

(photographic proof of my claim)

I love to play with toy mice.  I carry them around and bat them under things.  
Before Millie came along, the mice were a CATS ONLY toy.
Now Millie destroys them.  
Mom says it's because she was meant to kill vermin.
She must not be very smart, though, because these aren't REAL vermin.

SUMMER's Feedback for Millie:

Strength = She does not chase me

(this is the disdainful look the dogs deserve)

I had a very hard time thinking of a strength for Millie.  
Mom said I had to come up with one, so I guess I like that Millie doesn't chase me or bug me.  Sometimes the boy dogs get "in my whiskers" but Millie keeps her distance.  
She must be the smartest dog.

Weakness = She is a Dog

This is where I like to stay to keep away from the dogs.
If they get near me I must hiss at them.
Dogs are nothing but trouble.  
Except when they are sleeping.  Then they are ok.  I guess.

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