Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ziggy the Cardigan IVDD update - clinical trial complete

In the spring, Ziggy completed his trial in the Clinical Trial for Paralyzed dogs at ISU.  It turns out that Ziggy was in the control group, meaning that he did NOT receive the chondroitinase injection.

If a dog is in the control group, after the dog has completed the trial, the team at ISU offers to administer the injection of chondroitinase.  We decided to take them up on the offer, with hope that the drug might help Ziggy regain some hind-end function.

Unfortunately, Ziggy had too much scar tissue at the injection site for them to administer the drug. They did offer to have him come back so they could try again a few months later.  We dropped him off at ISU in mid-August in out last-ditch effort to help Ziggy.  Once again, though, they found too much scar tissue and were not able to give the injection.  On the up side, Ziggy really seemed to enjoy being back at ISU, and the students there loved him.  So I guess it was like a spa week for Ziggy...?

Ziggy is now back home and has settled into his routine of barking, napping, and snuggling.

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