Friday, June 26, 2009

More drive!

Well, it's all relative, but this week in agility, Ziggy was much more interested in working with enthusiasm.  So the question is…why?
 I have a few thoughts:
 1 – Pent-up corgi energy:  It’s been hotter than hot here this week so we’ve been going on short walks early in the morning, then hanging out in the A/C all day.  Not as much exercise as he's used to.
2 – He’s learning his job a little more.  One thing I’ve learned about Ziggy (but keep forgetting) is that he works more quickly when he’s sure of what he’s doing.
3 – I’ve been trying to find things that he finds interesting, fun & surprising.
Related to point #3 – this is a big takeaway from Sylvia Bishop.  I need to make it fun and exciting for Ziggy to be with me.  As one of my previous obedience instructors used to say “you need to be more appealing to your dog than the dog's next best alternative.”  
I’m trying to take this to heart by shoving toys in my pockets to use when we do something right, bringing “gold-level” treats with me when we train new things, and learning to play with Ziggy like his brother Denzil plays with him.  So basically, I look like a lumpy fool when I work w/ Ziggy – but Ziggy seems to like and that’s all that matters.


  1. Glad the motivation is working with Ziggy! Does jealousy work with him? It doesn't work with mine, but a friend of mine has 2 aussies, and when she started working one with the other watching from a crate, they were both so much more motivated.

    Here's a link to a pic that shows a bit more of the CrateMate 2.0. Version 1.0 was a rickety thing I built on my own, but Carlton built this one with 2x4s and it is nearly perfect. I can put 2 crates and the grooming table underneath. The only problem with it is that it is about a quarter inch too deep which keeps me from being able to put the back seats in the Element.

  2. I have tried the jealousy thing, and it works pretty well. We periodically take private obedience lessons, and I take Ziggy & Maggie. If Z doesn't want to work, we put him back in the crate and work w/ Maggie instead. He spends his time in the crate barking & trying to get out (not pretty) - but usually comes out much more motivated than when he goes in. Now, how do I translate that to the ring.... Now you've got me thinking....


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