Saturday, June 6, 2009

Like New!!

Here's a picture of the 3 dogs taken on Friday.  Don't they look lovely (not that I'm biased in any way) - shiny, clean, and just like new!!

Friday was a busy day for the dogs.  They went to the groomer and to the chiropractor, so inside and out they are feeling good.

This is the first time any of them have been to the groomer --it's a job I can do easily at home, and I'm a bit too cheap to pay someone else to do it.  Also, I enjoy the crazy after-bath running and rolling - although not so much the smell of wet dog around the house.

So why did they go this time?  One word:  guilt.  Not my guilt.  Our petsitter's guilt.

Tuesday it rained.  Tuesday Pete was working out of the house.  Tuesday the neighbors had a couple of terriers visiting.  Tuesday when the petsitter let the dogs out they ran up and down the fence and came in MUDDY.  Pete got home to find 3 muddy dogs stashed in their crates. Wednesday the petsitter came by and apologized profusely for the muddy state of the dogs.  Pete explained that corgis + rain = mud, and that muddy dogs are normal in our home.  She would have none of it, and offered to pay for a trip to the groomer.  Above and beyond on her part, and what a wonderful treat for us!

The 3 also went to the chiropractor.  At lunchtime a couple of colleagues and I were talking about our weekends, and I told them that I got to spend Friday evening driving 45 min each way to the chiro for my dogs.  They stopped eating (really, they did) and looked at me as if I were insane.  Maybe I am, but the chiro really helps Denzil feel better, and Maggie moves more freely after her adjustment.  Ziggy gets to go now, too - for maintenance - as he's now officially a "performance dog."

Anyway, it's Saturday morning and they're all 3 still smelling, looking, and feeling great.  A good start to weekend, indeed!

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  1. The response of your colleagues reminds me of the sign over the door at our doggy day care: "If you get it, no explanation is necessary. If you don't, no explanation will suffice."


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