Saturday, May 30, 2009

My deer new co-worker

Ok, so this isn't about dogs, but I couldn't resist sharing pictures of the new co-worker I had on Tuesday.  

I showed up for work, and this fawn was right outside my office window.  About 5 feet away from where I sit.  Amazing.  

The fawn was TINY - I'm guessing about 15 lbs.  It was next to my window all day - quite often staring at me.  It was just the sweetest thing, and so nice to look up from my work and see its lovely little face (I started to get a little attached by the end of the day...).

Apparently, mother deer will leave their babies some place while they go off to eat.  The fawn was still there when I left, but not there when I got back to work the next morning.  I didn't see signs of struggle, and the mother & baby have been seen around the building, so all is well.

Just one of the benefits to life outside the big city!

1 comment:

  1. What a great sight when you need to rest your eyes. She's so pretty!


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