Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

This is how I should have spent my mother's day.  Relaxing.  

So my question is:  Does it make me a bad mother that I spent 8 hours of my mother's day at a dog show?  Not spending time with my human child, and without even one of my furry children with me?

This weekend was our Kennel Club's annual show.  Conformation, obedience, rally & agility all in the same venue.  

I missed the deadline for entries this year, so I  wasn't showing.  Instead, I volunteered all weekend.  4.5 hours yesterday as gate steward in Rally; 8 hours today as transcriber, then bar-setter in agility.

All of this volunteering gave me a great chance to catch up with my local "dog show" friends. Watching lots of other people run their dogs also made me think about what's next for my 3.  

Ziggy will focus on Rally & learning agility in the near term, and go back to obedience when he's a little more focused on me (instead of the floor, or those interesting people outside the ring, or - oh wait, look, I've seen something going on over there....).

Maggie and I will continue to work on earning her CDX title in Obedience (we just need one more little green ribbon - is that too much to ask?), and maybe go in to the agility ring on occasion.

Denzil - I'm just not sure.  I'll post an update when I figure this one out.

Oh, I feel like I've gotten off track.  The topic was Mother's Day.  So mine wasn't restful, but it was good.  I got home in time to spend the afternoon and evening with my funny, bright human child.  Now I'm hanging out with my furry children.


  1. Hello - glad to see you are joining the pack of cardi bloggers. We managed to make the last few days of the specialty this year and it was fun putting faces with all the blogs.

  2. It was so nice to meet you and Pete in Topeka. Now you have a blog, so we'll be able to keep up with the escapades of the amazing Pete -- oh, wait, I mean Maggie and Denzil and Ziggy. Welcome to Blogdom. Penni

  3. Good luck on your quest to finish your CDX!


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