Friday, May 8, 2009

Ziggy goes herding

Looks promising, right?  This is the trio herding one of our neighbor kids.  Everyone was having fun.  Ziggy's the one closest to the human.

Sooo....  My husband (Pete) has decided to give herding a try.  After all we have corgis, we live in Iowa (farm country), and we know folks who herd, so who wouldn't try?  I also think he likes the "country gentleman" part of wandering around a field in his Wellies with the dog.  As a bonus, it's also a performance venue that I'm not particularly interested in pursuing, so it gives him something to focus on with the dogs.

This past week was the second time (last time was in the fall) that Pete took Ziggy out for weeknight herding with the "ladies of herding" from our Kennel Club.  For the second time, Ziggy showed no interest whatsoever in the sheep.

As Pete describes it, when in the field with the sheep all Ziggy wanted to do was eat sheep poop (yum!) and do a bit of very nice heeling.  The part about the heeling makes me laugh because this is the dog that has "attention issues" when in the obedience ring, but when outside with sheep?  Why not heel?!  It lends me some hope for his obedience career, but not so much hope for his herding talent.

The ladies of herding have convinced Pete not to give up yet.  They tell him that some dogs just take a while to "get it."  Hmmm...  We'll see how it goes.

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  1. Oh I am so happy to hear that Ziggy is so much like his brother, Arrow!

    Arrow has absolutely NO interest in Woolies, either- they must have inherited that from their mom, Wednesday, since their Dad, and several of his other kids, are herding fools!!!

    Have Heart, they tell us the same thing about Arrow- that EVENTUALLY the light will go off and he will notice those sheep and realize that he is supposed to do something other than snack on their droppings...

    At this point, Arrow's attitude is more like-- which way is the gate to go home to my nice cozy couch???


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