Monday, May 25, 2009

Birthday boys!

May is birthday month for the Cardi boys.  Today is Ziggy's birthday, and tomorrow is Denzil's.

Happy 7th birthday, Denzil!

I love this picture of Denzil, taken during a break on one of our walks.  His happy, sunny disposition really shines through.

My most memorable moments with Denzil this year:
2 days worth of brace obedience at the National Specialty.  Apparently Denzil thought that having another dog in the ring working with him meant that he had to maintain heel position closest to me by biting his fellow brace participant.  Maggie took this in stride and ignored it.  Ziggy took it as an invitation to play (see most memorable moment with Ziggy listed below.)

Happy 2nd birthday, Ziggy!

 This photo was taken on a walk this spring, when our walking path had some flooding.  Ziggy is a bit wet - but happy!

Most memorable moment with Ziggy this year:
Brace obedience at this year's National Specialty with Denzil (see above).  The whole run was funny - but particularly the off lead heeling, when, after much play biting back and forth,  Ziggy was wrestled the ground by Denzil.   This is the moment when I learned that sometimes a judge will say "exercised finished" before you've finished the heeling pattern.

I also learned that:
* The corgis will continue to bring new levels of both embarrassment and humor to my life
* You can't NQ in a non-regular class if you at least try
* Maybe Denzil and Ziggy aren't my best bet for brace obedience

Anyway, happy birthday boys - I look forward to another year of adventures with you!


  1. Happy Birthday Denzil and Ziggy! Make sure the hoomans get you some great treats for your big days!

    Last week before Scout's rally class I hooked Scout and Spencer up with the coupler that they are used to walking on to see what they would do on a heeling pattern. Eeeeewwwwwwww - not pretty.

  2. I would have loved to see that brace heelingm, specially the wrestling part, I bet it was cute, even if a bit embarrassing. Happy Birthday kids, hope you get wonderful treats and lots of loves!

  3. The recall was pretty funny as well, Lani -- one of the high points of this year's Nationals. The Dink wishes her brother a wonderful day.

  4. Happy birthday, wild Denzi boy.

    I second Penni's vote on the brace recall. You don't happen to have a video of that do you?

  5. Ahh, I had almost forgotten about the recall... The funny thing is I thought that would go well, as I do "group" recalls all the time at home.

    Unfortunately no video - which is kind of strange, as Pete taped everything else - including some random shots of the view from our hotel window. Perhaps he wanted to be ready to help should the boys run out of the ring...?

    For those of you who didn't see the recall, it went something like this:
    1 - dogs placed together in sit stay. Looking very cute and alert
    2 - handler leaves dogs and walks to end of ring. Dogs still sitting and looking very cute and alert
    3 - handler says "corgis, front"
    4 - corgis run very quickly towards handler
    5 - 3/4 of the way towards handler youngest corgi realizes he is running with his brother off leash for the first time in DAYS
    6 - young corgi begins to wrestle with older corgi
    7 - corgis veer approximately 90 degrees to their right and begin to wrestle and run
    8 - judge says, "exercise finished"
    9 - handler desperately tries to catch corgis - including use of (futile) commands such as "come" and "down"
    10- handler catches corgis and breathes a sigh of relief that her run (literally and figuratively) has ended


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