Sunday, August 2, 2009

Denzil's feeling a bit better.

Saturday Denzil had an appointment with the chiropractor.  She said he had a lot of stiffness in the middle of his back.  Her best guess is that he'd been "t-boned" causing him some back trouble.  Hmmm.... I wonder who did that to him?  Let's use our detective skills to figure this out.  Do you think it was:  a 10-year-old female who gets irritated if you try to play with her?  Or, could it be the 2-year-old male who outweighs Denzil by nearly 10 lbs and  specializes in body slamming?  I wonder....

At any rate, Denzil is moving much more freely after visiting the chiro and seems a lot happier, too.  I've also been giving him some Deramaxx, which helps with the knee.  

We're planning to take Denzil back to the chiro in 2 weeks - in interim check just in case.

So, it's not all fixed, but at least the boy is in a much better state then he was earlier this week. whew.


  1. Glad to hear the old man is feeling better. Scout seems to have recovred from whatever was bothering her as well.

    Our chiro recommended a supplement called Pain Plus for Spencer for days when he is stiff from his bum knee.

  2. Hi Lani,

    Your blog is great, I love finding people who enjoy their pups as much as I do! I have two Collies, Elsa and Reese. We live in MA and I've just begun working with Celeste Meade! I can't wait to see where it gets us, I'm very new to obedience, I had begun with Rally-O, Elsa just finished her RE. We're now ready for bigger and better things!

    Gotta love those herding breeds : )


  3. Kim -
    Glad you like the blog. Lucky that you get to work with Celeste! You'll have to let me know if you learn any tips to help encourage my "reluctant" boy Ziggy.


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