Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just the 2 of us.

Ziggy & I had our bi-monthly private lesson w/ our local trainer last week. Ziggy was pretty good, but had some of the same (lack of) attention issues if we stopped moving for too long.

My instructor observed that, most of the time when Ziggy wasn't paying attention to me, he was paying attention to Maggie & Denzil who were waiting ringside in crates.

Her suggestion: Ziggy and I need to spend some time together - just the two of us. In theory, this will help Ziggy bond more with me. And I must admit that I spent a LOT more alone time with Maggie and Denzil than I have with Ziggy (reinforcing my theory that it all comes back to being the handler's fault).

Soooo, I've set a goal to go on "dates" with Ziggy twice a week. Once a week it's agility. Which leaves one other outing with just the two of us together. Last week I took him to our club meeting and stayed late to work on obedience & agility. Ziggy loved it - he got lots of pets from club members and he spontaneously showed off his new trick - bowing (I think he was hoping to get treats, too) AND he got to play some obedience and agility.

I'm just thinking it's a good think The Husband doesn't read my blog much. I'm not sure he'd appreciate that I'm planning dates with Ziggy instead of him....

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  1. How fortunate that Pete doesn't read the blog! When I practice with Chase, people ringside accuse us of working at warp speed -- we go as fast as my brain can decipher the Rally signs. That's the only way I can keep his attention -- and it isn't due to sharing my attention -- he's the daily office dog. I think it's youth, hormones, and curiosity.


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