Saturday, November 7, 2009


It's a fantastic day today here in Iowa.  High 60's, blue sky, light breeze.  Ahhh, if only every day were like this.

I took the dogs for a long walk mid-morning, then we spent some time enjoying the sun in the back yard.  The whole family was out - even the geriatric white cat.  I decided to take some pictures of the dogs.  Then The Child decided he wanted his picture taken with each of the dogs licking him.  Here are some pics....

Denzil & Ziggy managed to score more licks than planned....

Denzil also scored a tummy rub (shameless little flirt that he is):

And finally, a handsome photo of Ziggy.  He's such a "grown up" now...

Well, enough blogging.  Time to go back outside!


  1. The kid/Cardi combination is always a winner -- I hope tomorrow is another nice-weather day.

  2. Wow, you did have a gorgeous day! Enjoy the sun while it lasts.

    I so need to do some training on Molly. Speaking of incorrigible . . . But I think she has the makings of a really good obedience dog if I got my s**t together.

  3. Lucky you with the weather--this afternoon we had hail, thunder, lightening and probably over an inch of rain (in less than an hour). The only good thing is that Mt. Hood is probably COVERED in snow by now--

  4. I try to enjoy the weather when it comes. I know that all too soon it will be the bitter cold and ice. Sunshine, wonderful sunshine.

    Sunday was nice, too, but I didn't get to enjoy it. I had to go to the airport for yet another business trip. Sigh.


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