Monday, November 23, 2009

Trio Product Review #1: Pottery Barn Kids Chair

Ziggy wanted me to post a product review for one of his favorite products:

The Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair 

Originally, we bought this chair for The Child (human).  It's kid-sized, and light enough for a kid to haul around.  An armchair all their own.

When Ziggy arrived, he thought it was the "AnyCardi" Chair rather than the Anywhere chair.  Here's his review:

I have loved this chair since I arrived at my new home.  It is perfectly sized for a puppy - a chair of my own!

I laid in chair, and I played in the chair...

I even chewed on the handle of the chair and drug it around (mom didn't like that, though):

What could be better?

Then I started to grow, but my love for the chair did not diminish.  It just became a little more challenging to sleep in the chair.  I'm a Cardigan, though, and we're nothing if not determined.  I just had to find new ways to fit.

This one didn't work so well.

Maggie tried to show me a new one.

I thought that one was too prissy.

I found that the curl method works best.  Look at how comfortable the chair is if you just curl up really tight.

Throwing your head over the side works well, too.

In fact, if you lean on one side of the chair enough, it will start to flatten out to make it easier to sleep in:

The chair is also comfortable when it's knocked over.

The chair can even become part of frapping - just jump up quickly, bark, then jump down.

My brother and sister like the chair, too - but not as much as me.

Cats even like the chair (but I don't consider this a selling point):

Sometimes mom pulls the cover off and washes it.  I don't recommend this, but she just keeps doing it.  I guess if it means we get to keep the chair, then that's ok.

I highly recommend this chair for all Cardigans.  That's the end of my review.


  1. Your Cardis definitely have good taste. I hope you've sent their review to Pottery Barn.

  2. Great post! I really enjoyed it! And your cat looks like it has an extra long tail! Must be the angle of the photo.....

  3. Thanks for the AM chuckle. PB will probably start selling it for a higher price and advertise that it is cardi-approved.

    Taryn - I was thinking the same thing about that tail!

  4. I think my crew needs one of those! That pic of Ziggy in the chair with his butt up above his head is HILARIOUS--such a Cardi! Thanks for the review!

  5. I think I need one of those for my Cardis! The pic of Ziggy in the chair with his butt-end up higher than his head is HILARIOUS! Thanks for the product review!

  6. Janet & Taryn -
    The cat does have a long-ish tail, but not a lemur-long tail as it appears in the picture.

  7. The funniest thing about the pic of Z w/ his rear in the air is that he stayed in that position for a quite a while, with a confused look on his face as if he were wondering why he wasn't comfortable.


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