Friday, February 12, 2010

Meet Ken Kindle, my new travel companion

(yes,  I've named my Kindle Ken.  I name certain, special inanimate objects.  and I like alliterations.  that may be strange, but that's me.  also, it can make for some interesting conversations, "Ken and I had a great trip.  He really kept me from getting bored on the plane", for instance.)

Now, I am in no way a person who has to have the latest and greatest technology, but after two "road-warrior" friends strongly recommended the Kindle, I gave in and decided to get one.

You see, I have 4 overseas trips planned in the next 4 months and the alternative to the Kindle looked something like this:

A stack of books and magazines that equal the weight of the rest of my luggage.  Hey, if a trip is 17 hours one way, I've got to have variety.  Unfortunately variety without the Kindle makes for one very heavy carry-one.

So Ken has arrived to lighten my load and allow reading variety.

The only problem - I have "book buyer's block."  I've only loaded 4 books onto Ken so far.  This is where I'm hoping all of you can help.

Do you have any "must read" books that you can recommend?



  1. Have you read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? Those are all nice, long books. I also love the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. Phillipa Gregory writes terrific historical fiction using real people - she wrote The Other Boleyn Girl. Oh, and Rita Mae Brown - look for the Sister Jane series. Those are my favorite reads.

  2. I have a Kindle too. (I didn't name mine, but my GPS is Gail Garmin.)

    I read my kindle mostly at home. I downloaded the Kindle app on my iphone and I read on it a lot. It's handier because my phone is always where I am.

    I have all kinds of titles on mine right now. Mostly I am reading Hank Paulson's new book On the Brink about the recent financial crisis. I also have a collection of F Scott Fitzgerald short stories and a trashy Candace Bushnell novel.

  3. I loved "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell--listened to it three times on my MP3 player!

    "Women's Best Friend" edited my Megan McMorris is a great collection of short dog stories.

    "Izzy and Lenore" by Jon Katz is another one I really enjoyed.

    Enjoy Ken!

  4. The Diana Gabaldon books are fabulous. She's my favorite author.

    I got a kindle for xmas. Did you know that once a copyright expires books become 'public domain' and are free for download on amazon? I've downloaded all the classics Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice etc.

    A fabulous way to read the classics.

  5. Have you read Travels with Charlie by John Steinbeck, about his road trip cross country with his standard poodle? It is my Max road trip inspiration. I am also a huge fan of non fiction art history books. Just finished Provenance by Laney Salisbury and Aly Suio about a very successful forger. And there is always David Sedaris, Sarah Vowel, and Bill Bryson for some lightness and humor. Favorite classic: Robinson Crusoe.


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