Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cardi feature of the day: weatherproof coats

Blizzard conditions started here a few hours ago, and are scheduled to last through noon tomorrow. 

This makes it a perfect time to talk about the weatherproof nature of the  Cardigan Welsh Corgi coat.  As the AKC breed standard states, the Cardigan coat:  "Lies relatively smooth and is weather resistant."

After a mere 10 minutes outside, Ziggy was thankful for this feature:

What is this thing lurking by the back door?
Should we let it in?

It's me, mom:  Ziggy!  
Thank you for letting me in - it's snowy out there.

Maybe I'll just go in my crate.
Do I have to come out to be dried off?
Ok.  Just don't put me back out into the snow.

P.S.:  In case you're wondering, Rip was outside for the same amount of time, but came back in with almost no snow on him.  The advantage of perpetual motion.


  1. Hee hee, Ziggy looks like he's been dusted in some powdered sugar! That is too funny about Rip. He is a mess!


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