Monday, February 7, 2011

Indian Mexican

I made it to India safely, albeit a bit travel weary.  From the time I arrived at the airport at home, to the time I arrived at the hotel here was 28  hours.  ugh.

Yesterday (Sunday) was highlighted by two things:  Melatonin and Indian Mexican food.

I've never taken the stuff before, but it's been recommended by an in-law, and one of my co-workers - both of them swear by it as a "jet leg sleep aid." 

We arrived at the hotel at 5am, and I hadn't slept well on the last flight (thanks, parents from Italy for letting your toddler YELL for most of the 9 hour flight....), so I decided to take a rest before my 1pm meeting.

I decided to give the melatonin a try, since I had 7+ hours to sleep.  I cut a pill in half, and headed to bed, figuring I'd be up by 11am or so.  I was awakened from a deep and lovely sleep by the sound of my hotel phone ringing.  I looked at the clock, and noticed it was 1:15pm.  It was my co-worker calling to find out where I was was.  YIKES - that melatonin worked a little too well. 

Lesson learned:  beware Melatonin unless I'm planning to hibernate.

Indian Mexican
In the evening my co-worker and I scheduled dinner with a friend of mine who happened to be in town.  She'd received a recommendation that the food was good at the only brew pub in the city.  Who can pass up a brew pub?  (not me)

We had a driver take us across town to the restaurant.  When we arrived, we were seated in the brew pub.  Then a server came over to us and mentioned that we could have beer but no food - the restuarant was closed for renovation.  Hmm - glad we trekked across town.

Thankfully there was another restaurant right next door.  The restaurant was called "Salsa" with the promise of fine dining.  Good enough for us.  We were seated outside (don't tell The Husband - who keeps having to shovel snow - that we got to dine outside at night in short sleeves) and a server brought the menus.

Turns out the name Salsa fit -- about 1/3 of the menu was Mexican food.  I've eaten (very bad) Mexican food in Australia, so why not try it in India?  As a starter we had nachos and jalapeno poppers.  For dinner I had vegetarian enchiladas.  I was VERY happy with the food.  I even liked it better than American Mexican (at least the kind we get in the Midwest).  It was much more fresh - less laden down with sauce and greasy cheese - and not overcooked.  The jalapenos used for the poppers were about 6" long, mild, and still crispy.

The best part about it is that it's now been 24 hours since my Indian Mexican food experiment and I'm still feeling good.  Fingers crossed that this continues for another 4 days!


  1. Ooooh! You must like to live dangerously :-) Trying Mexican food in India sounds like a risky idea! Glad you are still feeling well!

    Mexican food in Mexico once got me really good :-)

  2. Oooh, I could eat Mexican food every day! I'm glad your experiment went well, like Taryn I have had a Mexican food incident in Mexico as well. Bleh!

    Interesting about the melatonin, I might have to try some of that when we travel.

    Safe travels, and good luck with the food!

  3. Keep the travelogue coming -- those of us who are shoveling won't hate you for this. I promise.

  4. I take Melatonin. With time you get used to it so it won't knock you quite as bad :)

  5. I have been there and done this. On a short stay in Delhi a friend did a quick restaurant booking at this famous Mexican restaurant called Rodeo.It was my first encounter with the spicy food and it was really hot. But the one thing I liked was that even though it was so spicy it still had that unique flavour that made me have it more and more.


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