Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sometimes crates are just too roomy

That's what Ziggy seems to think anyway.  He has free run of the house most of the time (after we've picked up all Crayons within reach), yet here's where I've seen him sleeping quite a lot lately:

Inside the coffee table is den-like, mom.
See - cozy!

Yes, Ziggy's taken a liking to sleeping in the 9" space between the top and bottom shelf of the coffee table.  Apparently he likes to squeeze into small space and lay on The Child's drawing paper.  Go figure.


  1. Dogs are silly creatures!

    I had a devil of a time leaving a comment. Blogger is still up to it's antics!

  2. Taryn - Any idea how to fix it?

  3. Ziggy has probably decided he is safe from Rip when he is in his cave -- little does he know.

  4. Penni - you may be right. Z's black brindle fur is does create a camouflage-like affect against the black table. As a bonus, the table is on the "other" side of the baby gate from Rip!

  5. Half sister Priscilla is the same way. She loves to squeeze under tables and chairs. We also call it her "cave". :)


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