Saturday, July 9, 2011

What it was, and who (I think) did it

I must admit that it took me quite a while to figure out what the mystery poo was, and who did it.  Using my best detective abilities, here's what I was able to piece together.

FIRST:  What was it?

I had to dissect the specimen a bit to figure it out.  For those of you who guessed wax - you're right.  It was just about 100% wax.  The green string in it is a bit of a rope toy that the boys chew on from time to time.

NEXT:  Where did they get it?

I could not figure out for a long time where the furry perps found a bunch of wax.  Then one day I noticed that the lid was missing from the shoebox on on the right of the picture.  The box that's shoved back in my closet - marked "candles."

How/why they even decided to investigate this box is a mystery to me.

A box of candles chew treats.
 There were quite a few more candles in this box last time I looked.

FINALLY:  Who did it?

The most frequent guess was "Rip."  And that's not suspiring.  Rip is a little dog of destruction, who has a lifetime of naughtiness behind him already.

But what I haven't told you about is Ziggy's secret love.  Crayons!  If a Crayon is sitting out, Ziggy will eat it with surprising speed.  Z loves Crayons so much that I'm not sure he wouldn't choose a crayon over a Greenie.

Ooh look!  The Child left the lid off the Crayons.
Look away, you see nothing.
That's just a stick I'm chewing on.

D'oh - caught in the act.
Don't judge me.  I love Crayons.

Given Ziggy's love of waxy colored things, and the fact that Rip is not allowed to be loose in the back of the house, for weeks I figured that Ziggy was the culprit.

Then, just last week, while I was reading in bed, Rip opened the closet door (it wasn't shut tight), shoved his head in the closet, and came out with a votive candle holder.

So maybe it was Rip.  Or Rip and Ziggy.  My guess is the later, based on the number of waxy poos found in the yard.

Mystery solved.  Well, sort of.


  1. Hey...I thought Ziggy was the "good" one? Nick has been having some interesting deposits lately too. This morning he ate the heel off of The Huz's golf shoe (doh!) so I can't wait to see what that looks like. Mmmm.

  2. Ziggy is the good one (which is not hard to do when compared to Rip). Z just loves crayons. He can't resist them. Just. Too. Yummy.

    At least they're cheaper to replace than shoes!

  3. Mmmmm. Baddogs are the best.

  4. Oh we do love those baddogs! But we probably shouldn't introduce Rambo to Rip.

  5. I guessed candle. But I'm pretty good and figuring out what came out of the south side of the dog heading north. For some reason ...

  6. Well, I guess I should've read this one first (and then I wouldn't have needed to blow up the poop photo). (Like I wouldn't have blown it up "just to see" anyway.)

    Darn those Crayola people!

    BTW - JF and Dewi got into my gift bag/tape/tissue stash in my closet one day. Things were way too quiet while the two of them were "hidden" behind some clothes in the corner munching everything in sight. They are B.A.D.!


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