Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Property pictures

Ok, so here's some info about our property:

14.9 acres
Great horse/animal property!
Most of it's in hay right now, but some trees
Partial views of Mt. St. Helens (when it's not cloudy - so @ least 10 days a year)

Ridgefield, WA
One exit N. of the Fairgrounds
Easy to access to I-5

I've always wanted to own land
Think how the Cardis will love nearly 15 acres!
The property is great; the house is not -- leaving many options

Show me:

Fields!  Trees!  No neighbors around to complain about barking!

Room for woods, fruit trees, and cross-country fences!

The NW field.  Lovely.

Tree-lined drive.
Yes, we need to clear some brush so the trees can thrive...

Part of the back of the house.
Yep - the house needs LOTS of work.
But it's all one-level (corgi friendly!)


  1. You are going to love it -- I can't wait to see what you do with all that land (and the house). I do want to mention that a one level house is also people friendly.

  2. I am absolutely green with envy...I can't wait to show The Huz these pictures. He would LOVE this!

  3. I'm so jealous of you people with families willing to move out a little ways onto some property. :) Don't think Dave would ever go for it! So my dreams of ever having more than a few dogs is pretty much null and void. *sigh*

    Looks lovely!

  4. I love living "out", though we hire more work done than we used to. Building and repairing fences and chopping of vegetation gets less exciting after the first 20 years or so.

    Once you can take up residence, you will be well situated for dog shows. And for your friends to park their trailers for dog shows perhaps ;-)

  5. One level is the way to go - it promotes "aging in place!" and of course it is awesome for our long backed friends.

  6. Carolyn - I like the term "take up residence." I think I'll start to use it when referring to the property. It reminds me of the Queen of England - her flag flies when she's "in residence."

    Of course dog friends can park their trailers! We'll also have an ensuite guest bedroom for those who book early ;)


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