Sunday, August 21, 2011

Right now life is a bit murky

I have been a bad blogger - it's been nearly 3 weeks since my last post.  Right now a few things in life are in flux and I'm just not feeling too inspired to post.  Nothing horrible is happening, just some things weighing me down.

Dog stuff has been weird.  Last week I had my trip to India postponed/cancelled for the THIRD time since March.  This stinks because each of the weeks I'm supposed to have gone there's been a dog show somewhat nearby.  Since trips to India consume two weekends, I haven't been able to enter.  The trip that was just cancelled overlapped with a 4 day show just a little over an hour away.  I didn't enter, as I was to be out of town.  The trip was finally cancelled two days after the show closed.  Grrr...

Since I didn't have any shows on the horizon, my training has been a bit haphazard.  Right now I'm:

  • Working on dumbbell retrieves and drop on recall with Ziggy (in the great hope that one day he'll go into the Open ring).
  • Working on various exercises with Rip:  teeter in agility, backing up, recalls and stays (this is a big gap for us now).
  • Getting back into agility with Ziggy.  I made it into a local agility trial in early October.  It's at one of our local training buildings, so I'll have a chance to practice there a couple of times a week between now and then.
Hopefully some of the murkiness will clear up in the next week or so and I can get back to dogging and blogging.

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