Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ziggy Naughty; Ziggy Nice

Ziggy is a multi-faceted dog.  In my last post, I shared his adventures as a guard dog.

Not only is he a guard dog but also, he's:


This is what I found in the living room this weekend.  A sweet black-brindle dog sitting next to a pile of crayon papers.  Z loves his Crayons, and The Child left a whole small storage tote full of crayons sitting on the floor.  What luck for Ziggy!

Let's take a closer look at Ziggy's after-dinner snack:

Burnt Sienna, Goldenrod, Red Violet, and Verde

But Ziggy's not all about snacking on non-toxic bits of The Child's art kit.  He's also:


Ziggy and his soccer friend

I take a dog to every soccer practice and game, as I think it's a great environment for training with distractions(!) and basic socialization.

Rip normally gets to come to soccer practice.  Not as many people are there, so it gives me more time to work on his manners and training.

Maggie gets to stay home.  She's not particularly fond of new people, and she doesn't need any socialization.

Ziggy gets to come to games.  He is lovely, calm, likes kids, and is not bothered by all of the activity.  

The sister of one of the kids on The Child's soccer team loves dogs.  Unfortunately she can't have dogs because her dad is allergic to them.  At every practice and game, she seeks the Cardis and I out.  Ziggy is her favorite.  At last weekend's game, she ran up to me and gave me a hug saying, "I'm SO glad you're here!"  Then she squealed, "Ziggy!!" and gave him a big hug, too.

She spends the entire game with Ziggy.  She grabs some treats and leads him around (often running).  When Z decides he's had enough activity (meaning he comes back to me and lays down), she brings her chair over and sits or lays next to him.

So sweet.  Good Ziggy.


  1. oh what a wonderful boy! when he's not eating crayons. :)

  2. Ziggy is like Bandit. He loves everyone AND their food. We had Japanese exchange students once who had to try to explain in broken English that Bandit had come into their room and eaten bags of ramen. Bags included. They were worried about him.


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