Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ziggy the guard dog

I realize that this is the side of Ziggy I often share - sleeping, calm, a bit lazy...

But the other day, Ziggy showed a different side of himself:  he was Ziggy the Guard Dog.

Let me explain.

The Child, Ziggy, Maggie and I went to the playground near our house.  While we were there a contractor came to our house to give us a bid on some work we needed to have done.  

Z, M, The Child, and I arrived back home AFTER the contractor had left.  

When we were at the front door, Z started to sniff the ground A LOT.  I had to drag his furry body inside.  Once I unclipped the leash, he sniffed the floor inside and started to get a little agitated.  He just kept sniffing, and headed down the hall in the direction of the bathroom (where the contractor spent most of his time).  

The Child stepped out of the bathroom, and Z started barking like mad.  I told The Child to say hi to Z, and the barking stopped.  The agitated sniffing did not.  Z sniffed his way into the bathroom, then back out into the living room where I was standing.  

Then it dawned on me.  Z smelled a strange human smell - the smell of someone who he had not seen invited into the house, and he DID NOT like it.

I was able to walk Z around the house, and assure him it was ok.

I am so impressed with Ziggy.  He does take his job as protector of the house seriously, and something was not right in his house.  Good boy.


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