Friday, September 23, 2011

Wagmore step 1: Don't be a Fire Hazard

Where to start when you've just purchased a 15 acre property that's been vacant for more than a year?

Mow.  Mow.  Mow.

As I've mentioned, Wagmore was owned by the bank prior to us purchasing it.  The bank took care of interior cleaning on home, and they mowed the grass immediately around the house.  But the property is mostly fields, and those were left woefully unattended.

So our first order of business?  Find someone who could mow 15 acres of more-than-waist-high grass!

The Husband called around, looked on Angie's List, and got a few bids.

Here are some before & after pics:


The part of the back yard not mowed 
by the management company - grass only knee-high

More of the back yard -- headed to the SW field

The NW field.  Grass nearly as high as the fence!

The NE field.  Tall, tall, grass

Apparently all of this tall, dry grass had some of the neighbors worried.  Some of them were even thinking about reporting it as a fire hazard. Good that our first order of business was mowing.  Selfishly, I wanted to see what the contours of the land are like.  

After 2 days of mowing, things look a lot better.


The NW field.  Looks MUCH better.
The mowed field looks so inviting for a walk with dogs -
or a gallop on a horse!

Looking towards the SW field

The NW field again. 
 Grass MUCH lower than the fence now.

The NE field - looking towards the house.

The NE field.  Now you can see the neighbor llamas.

Denzil inspects the mowing.  
A much more Cardi-friendly height!

The fields look much better now.   The down side to the mowing:
  1. Seeing the tractor mowing the fields has increased the intensity of The Husband's desire for a tractor.
  2. The grass is low, but this has revealed that there's a lot of stuff on the property that a field mower just can't tackle.  But more on that in the next post...


  1. Bet I know where you can get a tractor ;-)

  2. Yes - if you only had a family member who worked for a company which makes large farm implements . . . maybe in a nice shade of green.

  3. Wow! That's a whole lotta mowing that needs to be done on a regular basis!

    Do you get an employee discount on tractors?

  4. What a huge job -- and how nice to have it done. Pete does need a tractor -- surely you can make that happen!

  5. Unfortunately we don't get a discount on a tractor as big as the one we'll need. The Husband did stop by the John Deere dealer and he seemed willing to give me a special deal. We'll see....

  6. Eek! That's a lot of mowing. But the property is just beautiful.

    What do the dogs think of the llamas? Has Rip tried to chew on one yet?


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