Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Brit + A Brand Manager = A Name!

Some of you may know that The Husband is from that small island across the ocean that is the United Kingdom.  What you may not know is that in the UK many homes/properties have names.  Sometimes they don't even have street numbers, just a house name and the city.

Last time we were visiting the UK we were in the middle of the months-long saga of buying our property in Washington State.  As we drove around, we noticed all of the signs indicating the names of properties/houses.  Names like "The Oak Tree" and "The Rose Cottage" and "Stag's Leap."  The more we noticed the names, the more sure we became that our property needed a name.

I thought it was a great idea - a name, a logo, a brand...  So many options.  The Husband thought it was a great idea, too - bringing a little bit of "his culture" with us.  

Then came the tough part - what to name it?  We wanted a name that would convey a happy, pleasant, and, well, dog-friendly tone.  Something that made people smile and not think that the owners of the property were too stuffy, or too crazy.  

We tossed around a number of names, and finally landed on one we both liked:  Wagmore Farm.  

So off we go.  Right now I'm debating whether to make posts about Wagmore on this blog.  Do you think it would be straying too far from my usual life-with-dog topics to discuss fixing up a house and a property??


  1. I want to know about Wagmore. GREAT name!

  2. Love the name! Virginia is big on naming properties as well and every farm has a small, tasteful sign out front with the name on it. I have a good friend here who makes custom farm signs, let me know if you'd like her contact information. And yes, would love to hear all about the adventure that will be fixing up Wagmore.

  3. No, definitely talk about it here! You bought it partly so you could have more space for the dogs! I absolutely LOVE the name you chose.

    Growing up in NJ, my parents had a 10 acre property with a big old 150 year old farm house at the top of a nice hill. Our last name is Tipton, so my parents named (with a sign) the place TipTop. 50 plus years later, my sister still has the sign up :-)

  4. Oh I would love to hear about it! I agree with RDM, there are lots of places in VA that have names. I always joke with The Huz that if we ever win the lottery, we're going to buy a farm and name it "Roofalot".

  5. I hope you absolutely post more about your new home. Our house has a name and we do not even have as much land as you do - The Triple Nickle (street address is 555). :)


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