Monday, September 19, 2011

I'll just consider it an expensive fun match?

This just in arrived in my Inbox:

Xtacee Tag You're It is in the following class or classes...

Jump Height------------- 8

 Sat 01-October-2011 –
----> Standard / Novice / Preferred
 ----> Jumpers With Weaves / Novice / Preferred

 Sun 02-October-2011 -
 ----> Standard / Novice / Preferred
 ----> Jumpers With Weaves / Novice / Preferred

YIKES!  I really did intend to practice more before next weekend's agility trial.  Life just got in the way.  Ziggy HAS had a lot of outings to soccer matches where he's working on becoming more huggable.  Do  you think that will help us get a Q in agility?!?

I will have the opportunity to run a couple more courses before next weekend - and do a bit of backyard practice.  It's too late to withdraw my entry for any sort of refund, and the trial is only 10 miles away, so I'm thinking it will be good practice for both of us.


  1. You never know, Ziggy might just surprise you! Ten miles from home sounds pretty darn good.

    I've got a trial both days that weekend as well. Jimmy will have been without any practice for over 3 weeks except a class next Tuesday. It's outdoors too which is rare in my area. So no telling how it will go for us either!

    Good Luck and have fun!

  2. Good luck. Sometimes I think its better to go in cold. No expectations that way other than fun so everything is good.


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